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Why EZ Turn?

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

We get it.

We know what properties needs from simple day-to-day operations to large capital projects. Our team is comprised of experienced housing professional's from Property Managers, Vendor Services, Maintenance Managers, Operational Specialists and more!

Together, we put the brains behind the bricks to bring you EZ Turn!

Not only does EZ Turn help properties prepare for Seasonal TURNs, but our app is designed to be customizable helping properties complete their day-to-day operations. Managing the leasing process, scheduling make-ready's, maintenance requests, budgeting, and more are all day-to-day processes we've designed & customized just for you!

Our team of experienced developers work day in and out to customize our application for your properties specific needs. This includes buildings, the number of units, bed spaces, different floor plans and more.

Our #1 goal is to Put the Brains behind your Bricks, making your tedious processes EZ'ier. Interested in learning more? Our team offers live 30-minute Demos, request yours today!

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