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Vendor Operations

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Our Vendors operations software, allows vendors to save time, manpower and money.

With our software vendors get paid faster with automated invoices, get access to new leads with our National Property and our featured in our Property facing National Vendor list.


With EZTURN'S National Vendor List and National Property list vendors can receive and send quotes from our National Lists. 

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Get to work faster!

Streamline your lead process!


EZTURN allows Vendors to break down their pricing by service & each area of the apartment, saving both Vendors and Property Managers time! 

Get paid faster!

Invoicing made EZ!


EZTURN provides vendors with seamless billing processes due to Automated Invoicing. As soon as work orders are approved by the property, they automatically transition to the invoicing stage. 

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Choose your Plan!

Welcome to EZTURN Vendor Plans! Choose which plan is best for you!


Single Year Agreements


What’s included

Unlimited Users

24/7 Support

Name Listed on

National Vendor List


Monthly Subscriptions


What’s included

Unlimited Users

24/7 Support

Property Lead Generation

Sponsored Vendor Ads

Vendor Verification on National Vendor List

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