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The lease cycle is brought full circle with EZ Tenant.  EZ Tenant includes our user-friendly digital Move-In Inspections (RCRS). Tenants are also able to communicate with the property and place maintenance requests

Now Introuducing:


  • Data Analytics: Leverage insights for proactive maintenance planning

Say goodbye to the days of paper-based room condition reports (RCRs) that are prone to loss, damage, or errors. EZOS Solutions introduces a revolutionary approach to RCRs with our Customizable Move-In Inspections.

Tenant Move-In Inspections Made EZ

  • User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive design for easy adoption by staff and students.

  • Data Analytics: Leverage valuable insights for maintenance planning and resource allocation.

  • Real-Time Updates: Track and update RCRs in real time, allowing for quick resolution of issues.

  • Enhanced Accuracy: Ensure precise documentation of room conditions with multimedia support (photos and notes).

Key Features:

  • Effortless Documentation: Generate and access RCRs electronically, eliminating the need for paperwork.

EZ Service Requests

Tenants often encounter maintenance issues that need prompt attention. With EZTenant, tenants can submit service requests in a hassle-free manner, ensuring timely issue resolution.

Key Features:

Choose from a list of common service categories such as plumbing, electrical, or general repairs.

Service Categories

Attach photos to help maintenance teams understand the problem better.

Photo Attachments

Communicate directly with property management through the platform.

Transparent Communication

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